The Irish Biogeographical Society


About the Society


The Irish Biogeographical Society was founded in 1975. It encourages the study of Irish biodiversity, especially the distribution of plants and animals. The Society is also interested in the biogeographical implications of colonisation and past history. From its inception, the Society has published an annual Bulletin. In 2013, the thirty-seventh issue was produced. The series now contains an impressive database including information on biota outside Ireland. In 1986, a series of Occasional Publications was initiated. The tenth volume appeared in 2007. The Occasional Publications provide a useful means of publishing the proceedings of conferences or large articles on particular groups. In 2005, another series (Macro Series) was established. It is suitable for major checklists and bibliographies. Eight titles have now appeared in the new series.

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The Society is voluntary and non-profit making. Funding consists of members' subscriptions and sponsorship. All the money is used for the production, printing and distribution of its publications. The subscription is €15 or £10 per annum and entitles the member to receive the annual bulletin. In addition, Occasional Publications are sometimes provided free of charge. The Society maintains a stock of its publications. Where issues have become exhausted, photocopies will be provided. The price of each bulletin is the same as the annual subscription (€15 or £10). Reductions are given for large orders. Details of the Occasional Publications and Macro Series are given overleaf. The contents of the Bulletins and the Occasional Publications are also listed. Orders or enquiries may be sent using e-mail via the Treasurer Mr John Walsh or the Editor Dr J.P. O'Connor or in writing to The Irish Biogeographical Society c/o Dr J. P. O'Connor, National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Cheques should be made payable to The Irish Biogeographical Society.